The Tarzan Method

Life can be so unpredictable and crazy; forever full of the unexpected (for better and for worse). It is most certainly stranger than fiction and provides me with a constant source of inspiration.

I've long desisted in attempting to work the phenomenon of Life out; to explain it or search for a meaning. That's not to say that I'm an atheist or that I believe life is devoid of meaning; quite the contrary. I've, simply, chosen to concentrate my energy and precious time on creating the path to reaching my goals. That appears to be the only thing that I can really control or have any great influence over. And whatever I encounter on the way, I will embrace as best I possibly can.

Following my goals can be so frustrating and difficult though. Why is the path to your dreams so oft a thorny one? I really don't know. Of course it's not always difficult, the actual journey can produce revelations and experiences that are once in a life time and invaluable. Yet many a time it's in hindsight that we really see the benefits. When you're stuck in the thick of those tough times, it can be excruciatingly lonely.

I was watching Casey Neistat, a brilliant film maker and vlogger and during one of his videos he succinctly explained the path to success (whatever that looks like; you choose) via something called the Tarzan Method. It struck such a chord with me that I had to share it.

There are days (many, many days) when I really don't know whether I'm on the right track to achieving what I'm setting out to achieve. I wonder whether all this work is worth it and I especially question why the path can appear so damn convoluted and non linear. Well this video clip gave me a little peace of mind and reminded me that not only am I brave, resilient and bloody fantastic to embrace my dreams and chase after them, I'm also allowed to make as many mistakes and diverts as necessary to reach them too. It's the journey, not just the destination that counts; the journey.

...I feel like singing Don't Stop Believin'. C'mon you heard it in your head too...