To Tweet or not to Tweet

It's been a very productive past few days with writing, filming, photography sessions, connecting with fellow creatives, blogging (being asked to get PAID for blogging- say whhhaaaa???!). All in all, though very tough at times, it's positive to see some progressive strides taking place.

After one of my filming sessions (for my documentary) I was asked whether I was on Twitter... "Ugh, no...." I said with an embarrassed, awkward wince. This was not the first time I'd been asked that, "..I'm sort of anti Twitter.." It always sounds so stupid when it comes out of my mouth, but it's true- I am. 

This prompted a chastising and confused expression from my interviewee, "I've got 35,000 followers, I can do a little tweet about your project and that's instant need to get on it."

ARRRGGGGHHHHH!! There lies the rub!!! I need exposure to my projects to garner traction and interest, of course I do, yet (and this is a BIIIIG 'yet') do I want my business out there? This why I have avoid Twitter and, thus, felt pretty fine without it- because I really have no interest in stepping further into cyber space for my social interaction. I enjoy, nay, covert my privacy and Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, What's app all of them are mini invasions into my personal space. Well that's how I see it. Cookies on every site to track your surfing patterns, Google maps always asking for your location- it's all a bit much isn't it? Or am I over analysing the whole thing? Do I simply need to give in and get with the times? (Yes I do know simply by saying that statement I sound like an aged, craggy individual). If my privacy feels compromised should I really join Twitter in order to self promote and network?

To Tweet or no to Tweet; that is the question. Do I wish to get my work out there or not? 

Right on cue Stromae releases Carmen; a cautionary tale about being caught up in social media to the point where you become totally anti-social, consumed by narcissism, popularity and false friends. All good, jolly stuff...   

As I watched this video, I wasn't simply taken by the great animation and heavy baseline; it was the fear that despite my protests, I will become consumed with how many people are following me and re-tweeting my comments and all that non important ego stuff which insidiously becomes important. I don't want any part of it.

Yet as I make the choice to join this massive, global tribe of Tweeters, and as I begin to click on the 'follow' button of numerous individuals whom interest me and who I know, I tell myself "Won't it look silly if you're following all these people and no one follows you back? What should I write as my first tweet? Will people even like what I have to say?" and so on and so on...It begins...

To Twitter and Beyond...wish me luck!

...and don't forget to follow me...