There are girls that simply 'disappear' in the night...

Sounds like a horror story or something out of a haunting fairytale but it's true. Yesterday I was introduced to a fascinating and most courageous woman called Taissir K. Mahmoud (Hiba). Hiba is the Chief Executive of a non governmental organisation called TRADO: Tabeldiya Relief And Development Organisation.

After watching this video I asked Hiba what was meant by girls 'disappearing' and I was told that at night girls were simply taken away. Often raped and impregnated. There are cases of girls as young as 13 being abducted.

Hiba told me that this situation is dire and that it's being ignored because this area in Sudan is regarded as a refugee 'settlement' rather than a 'camp' therefore the necessary care and support is not given. Children as young as 3 are left un-supervised and un-protected and are highly vulnerable to being taken away in the night.

This utterly horrified me.

It's the stuff of nightmares Things that go bump in the night, the bogey man under your bed; this is a reality for these children. This is REAL. 

TRADO is holding an exhibition in London. There you can buy the art work on display and all profits will go towards the charity work in Sudan. They also have TRADO calenders on sale for those who are, perhaps, on a tighter budget.

I don't know about you, but I'm going. I'm going because I'm sick of seeing people suffer and feeling a sense of helplessness or (even worse) a sense of apathy because there's always someone in need. And it's true, We're s bombarded with images of suffering people, it gets a bit much, a sort of 'poverty overload'. 

This increasing apathy fills me with a growing sense of malaise. I don't want to become numb to it all. And so I'm going to this exhibition to do the little that I can to be part of a positive shift in this world. 

For more details click here for the website: TRADO

The address of the exhibition is: RESOURCE FOR LONDON, 356 HOLLOWAY ROAD, LONDON, N7 6PA. Open Mon-Friday, 10am - 5pm.

See you there!