How to Get On with Getting On

For us artistes out there, getting the discipline and motivation to plough on with our craft can be wearisome. There's often a lack of monetary funds, often a lack of stimulus or 'inspiration' and even more often there's a general lack lustre full stop.

So whadya do when you don't know where to start?

Some times the thought of all the things I want to do, in life,  makes me feel like I'm going to be swallowed up in my own overwhelption (yup a new word coined and copy written by yours truly)


It's a state of being that a lot of us feel- regardless of our chosen vocation yet I know, from personal experience, that us arty-farty lot seem to specialise in wallowing in this pit of despair, inertia and an over arching feeling of ennui.

So...whadya do about it? 

I've been speaking to a writer called Emily Benet who has just published her THIRD book. She's currently signed with HarperCollins and is one of those people who I relish speaking to (especially now - pretty soon she'll be way too rich and famous to even remember my name!)

And she broke it down like've just got to GET ON WITH IT. 

Start. The concept and idea is usually the most challenging part. Once you begin, you've gotten over the first hurdle- that's often the scariest one.

Not to say that the journey won't be rough. In mid discussion Emily tells me that this writers 'inspiration' is not to be relied upon. There are times when she doesn't want to write and feels like she has nothing of quality to even write about. And if indulged in for too long, the dreaded 'writers block' spreads its stifling wings and squeezes all will from you completely. 

How do you get out of that deep blue funk? ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! 

Emily writes, regardless of how she feels. Because it's only through the action of writing that she'll move forward and out of her 'funk'. Sometimes she'll take a break and clean her bathroom just to give her mind space to and freedom to ruminate over ideas whilst her body is focussed upon a set task. She comes back to her work refreshed and alert for ACTION.

Try it! It works. For more wisdom and excellent reading from Emily Benet check out her blog:

From my experience, that's the most pragmatic, practical, powerful and effective (ran out of 'p' words..) way to move forward, not just with writing but In life generally.

So how do I Get On with Getting On when the Getting looks filled with Overwhelption? I stop procrastinating, I suck it up, I put down the half eaten Oreo cookie and Get To Work.

Make a list and do it bit by bit. Just begin. Understand your motivations and what you will gain out of your goals and what you will miss out on if you don't achieve them. 

There's no shame in failure, just a shame if you don't even try.