A Glorious Success!

Brasiliance was a great night full of funny, poignant and truly engaging performances. My play: And So Say I  was performed amazingly by the troupe of actors. They had about a week to learn lines for 3 different short plays- I was so Impressed! After the 3 short plays we were over, we were ready for the main show: Kitchen by Gael Le Cornec. This play was surprisingly funny and the writing was delicately poignant as it accurately captured a rebellious and changing England in the 70's. The next time it's on - I definitely recommend you see it!

The best part of the night was seeing my play. I was worried that I'd cringe when I heard my words spoken out loud (you know how you cringe when you hear your voice played back..?

  "Ugh is that me? I sound like a deranged Smurf!"

"Ugh is that me? I sound like a deranged Smurf!"

...well that's how I thought I'd be!) but I was pleasantly surprised. I sat through the production and laughed along with the audience, only sometimes taking a moment to soak in that this was something I had written. At the end I congratulated the performers; some who had no idea I was the author of the play- which was so refreshing; the anonymity allowed me the freedom to converse with no expectations or pressure. 

I'm telling ya; this is certainly becoming alluringly addictive! I may have, just, caught the old writers bug.