Ellie's Story: Happy In My Skin

Are you happy in your own skin? That's a difficult question to answer for a lot of women and men. I know for a fact that I am constantly drawn to the parts of my body that I would like to change. I have to actively remind myself to celebrate all the wonderful things that make me beautiful and unique. It's a daily endeavour and a difficult one. And no wonder, with these bias, narrow visioned images of how the "perfect" body should be paraded in our faces all over the place!

So when I was sent this extract I was more than willing to share this on my blog. 

Meet Ellie. Here's her journey in her own words. 

A year ago I didn't want to skinny dip because I might catch cold and I don't get sick pay, at least that's the reason I told myself and at the time I believed it 100%. When I was invited to take part in Happy In My Skin by someone I know, trust and love something clicked for me and I saw all the excuses I used around the relationship I had with my body. Bottom line, I hadn't wanted anyone to see me naked. I was in a hate hate relationship with my body.
Taking part in Happy In My Skin has changed my quality of life.
I have looked at my naked self in the mirror and not hated it. This has NEVER happened before.
As I walked down to the beach with all the other ladies my legs were like jelly if jelly was really heavy, I felt as though I was walking towards an actual nightmare. When I got out to sea and was safe under the cover of the waves, I turned to look at the woman wading in behind me. It was the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have ever seen. Every inch of every body was beautiful. I had to accept that I was not the exception, that we were all beautiful. I have never felt as free as I did as a marched out of that sea. (I feel like it was a very specific sea; that sea, not the sea).
I feel lighter.
I feel like my body was an enemy of many years. But an abstract enemy, an enemy for no particular reason. I have now met by body properly and have to admit that we've got a lot in common.
It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

HAPPY IN MY SKIN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/766163963/happy-in-my-skin-calendar-2015

For more information about Happy In My Skin check the kick starter link above :)