My Poppy For Life

A Poppy is for Life, not just for Christmas...

Hehehe! Awh those Andrex adverts! But seriously- too many paper Poppy's get discarded each year, only to be replaced by a newer, less crumpled version. Imagine those older Poppy's, living on the streets; homeless, addicted to PVA glue and glitter, no one to love them...That's sad, dude, that's real sad. 

I decided that this year I would choose a different path. I put my arts and crafts game face on and create my own version of the Poppy for myself (see photos below).

 The Poppy is such a powerful image. When I see it I think of mass human sacrifice. Ordinary individuals completely united and resolute in fighting for a cause; for a future they, possibly, would never see. The ultimate selfless act.

And now, we're seeing more and more documentaries and publications about the many British colonies that also sacrificed for Great Britain's King (at the time) and country. Africa, The West Indies and India all played monumental roles.

Article on African Soldiers during WW2

The closest I recall (in my life time) to that kind of unity was when masses of people travelled to the Houses of Parliament to campaign against the war in Iraq. I was quite proud and humbled to see so many impassioned individuals, of all ages, that were willing to travel across the country to take a stand. 

The Poppy represents community, comradery, honour and the belief that no-one should be subjected to oppression of any kind. Yet when I see the Poppy I'm also hit with poignant sadness, anger and frustration. Not, just, as a reflection of the madness and massacres that took place then, but for the continual madness and massacre that STILL takes place now. That pretty, little, red flower is supposed to be a reminder and a deterrent; a 'Let's never do this again guys' symbolic manifestation. Yet, instead, war is a daily occurrence, as ingrained in our society as eating cereal in the morning.

I want to have something that I can wear and use again and again as a constant reminder to myself that I cannot take this life for granted. Heck, I may moan, complain, spit my dummy out and have hissy fits about things in my life, but this little, red, flower here will encourage me to never take it for granted. 

Here's my very own, home-made, hand knitted, much loved Poppy. If you would like one hand crafted especially for you- do let me know! 

Lest we forget...